Add the items you are interested into the basket, choosing the quantity, color and dimensions (where necessary). Use the "Order" function. You don't need to pay for your order right away. We will receive an application and contact you by mail to clarify the details and issue a commercial offer. After agreeing on a commercial offer, we will issue an invoice. After receiving the payment for the order, we will let you know the date of shipment.
Send us an e-mail with a list of items you are interested in, indicating the quantity, color and dimensions (where necessary) on: hello@delo-design.com. We will answer you within a day and after agreeing on all the details, we will draw up a commercial offer and then an invoice. After receiving the payment for the order, we will let you know the date of shipment.
We can arrange your order in our showroom in St. Petersburg. It will be possible to pay in cash or by card immediately. We will duplicate all the information on the issued order and the date of shipment by e-mail.
Ways of payment
We work with 100% prepayment. You can pay for your order by invoice to individual or legal entity, as well as by card or cash in our showroom.

In the invoice for individual and individual entrepreneur, a QR-code to be indicated to simplify the payment process.

To draw up an invoice for individual entity, you must provide the full name and registration address of the payer.

To draw up an invoice for a legal entity, you must provide the company details.

Separate prepayment terms are always discussed individually. Separate payment is carried out as 70% for start-up in production and 30% before shipment of the order.
We do not have seasonal discounts and sales. Volume discounts are considered individually and depend on the specific order.
The prices for chairs and stools on our website are valid when ordering one model from 4 pieces in one color of paint and fabric. When ordering a smaller quantity, they are subject to a 25% markup.

The markup does not apply to items in stock.

Manufacturing time
The standard manufacturing time for an order is 25 working days from the date of receipt of payment to our account. In the case of a high production load and a large order volume, the period may be increased.

The goods in stock are shipped from the warehouse within 2 working days from the date of receipt of payment to our account. The current list of goods in stock can be clarified by sending us an e-mail or by phone. These data are indicated in the "Contacts" section.

It is technically impossible to complete an order faster than 25 working days, so we cannot speed up the fabrication for an additional fee.
We paint all furniture without upholstery according to the RAL Classic catalog.

Sometimes some paint colors are not available from suppliers. In this case, we will offer you an alternative option. Color availability check is made after order payment.

We do not paint our goods according to the RAL Design catalog, NCS or others, because the choice of polymer powder coatings on the market is available only from the RAL Classic catalog.
We have 18 standard upholstery options for the upholstered furniture all of which have already been matched with the color from the RAL Classic catalog for the frame painting. All the fabrics and their corresponding RAL can be viewed on the page of any upholstered furniture piece on our website.

All upholstered furniture, except for the pieces from the TRU and NRA collections, can be manufactured either entirely in one color or with the black frame. The upholstery and frame of the TRU and NRA pieces can be manufactured only in one color.

The production of any items in the upholstery textile of your choice is discussed individually. To do so, please send us a photo of the textile or a link to it and find a matching RAL color for the frame. We work with Classic RAL System. The frame of SOK, REAL and NORM chairs, sofas and armchairs is also available in black.

Once we have the photo of the textile, we will be able to advise you on the meterage needed to produce the items of your choice. You will need to purchase the material in the required quantity and have it delivered to our showroom.

Your order will only be put in production, once the material has been delivered to us. If the quality and properties of the fabric do not match Delo quality standards, we reserve the right to refuse manufacturing products with it. In this case, we suggest finding another type of fabric, choosing the textile from Delo catalog or refunding the money and the fabric to the sender's address.

If the object is produced in your custom textile, we can't guarantee the quality of upholstered details — we are not fully aware of textile properties.

We manufacture custom-made chairs and stools only when ordering one model in the amount of 4 or more pieces.
The standard sizes of each product are indicated on its individual page on the website in a slider with a photo.

We can produce all chairs and stools from the HPA, TRU and SOK collections with any seating height — from 45 to 75 cm. Seating height is the distance between ground and top of the plywood or MDF in the base of the seat.

We can produce undercases and tables from the SUPER and MEGA collections in any height you need.

Metal countertops can be of any size, but not bigger than 700x700. A large metal sheet shifts during welding and its surface can not be even.

Veneered MDF countertops can be fabricated in your sizes, except those indicated on the website. In this case, you need to send us the dimensions or drawing.
You can compose a CHILL and CHIC sofa from any number of our standard modules in an individual configuration. You can also send us a diagram with the dimensions of the configuration you need and we will help you to draw it up and calculate the cost.
St. Petersburg
We arrange delivery in TC "Gruzovichkoff" or carry out it by our own transport. Delivery is paid in cash upon receipt of the goods. Delivery an order by our transport is possible only for small orders, if transport is free.

We do not provide services for unloading and lifting to the floor.

Delivery cost depends on the volume and distance of transportation and is calculated individually.

The minimum cost of delivery within St. Petersburg is 1600 rubles
We organize delivery by consolidated goods in TC Vozovoz (for cargo up to 10 m3) or by a separate vehicle in TC Ruslogistic (for orders over 10 m3).

Delivery is paid in cash upon receipt of the goods.

Delivery cost depends on weight, volume and distance of transportation, and is calculated individually. We calculate the estimated delivery cost. The final cost is calculated by the TC when weighing the cargo at its terminal.
Payment for delivery by invoice
Only the shipping company can issue an invoice for delivery.

TC Gruzovichkoff and TC Vozovoz will be able to issue you an invoice only if your company has an agreement with them.

TC Ruslogistic can issue you an invoice regardless of whether they have an agreement with your company or not.

If your company has an agreement with another TC, you can independently arrange delivery with their help.

We are not responsible for delivery and we strongly recommend that customers do not let the driver go until the order is fully checked upon receipt of the goods and, if defects are found, draw up a protocol. Then TC will be obliged to reimburse the cost of the damaged goods.

If the goods are damaged, an act must be drawn up. The driver has a standard form, but if the document is not available, the act can be drawn up in free form, call the transport hotline and report the damage. Without an act, it will be much more difficult to prove the damage to the insurance company.

Then you need to make a claim for the insurance company. The claim specifies the damage, the amount and the payee. If the damage is minor, such as a scratch or chip, the damage is calculated from the amount spent on the rework (delivery + repair + delivery).
We do not deliver orders to our showroom for pickup. But you can pick up your order from our warehouse or arrange delivery by any TC.

Production and warehouse address: St. Petersburg, Maly Prospekt V.O., 58

Working hours from 9:00 to 18:00.
We can send your order to any city in the world - by road, air or sea. The cost and delivery time are calculated by the TC and depend on the volume of the cargo, the type of transportation and its distance.

Our broker and transportation company: AsstrA

When sending to any country, except for the countries included in the customs union (Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia), the cost of export registration of cargo in Russia is added to the cost of delivery - 20,000 rubles. In this case, you pay us, in addition to the cost of the goods, delivery and export clearance of goods in Russia.

Our broker is involved in customs clearance of your order in Russia. You carry out and pay customs clearance and duties in your country yourself: you need to find a broker who will take care of the paperwork and inform you about the amount of the order duty. You pay him for his services and duties on the import of goods.

Before shipment of the order, you must provide us with all the necessary information for processing customs documents.

If you want to know the cost of delivery to your city outside of Russia, you must provide us with a list of goods with the quantity and indicate the destination city.
As an upholstery textile we use gunny and burlap from several manufacturers. These types of textile are not water and vandal resistant. The material consists of synthetic fibers, mainly polyester which makes up to 90% of its composition.

Manufacturer: Turkey
Weight: 230 - 470 g/m²
Durability: 50 000 - 115 000 Martindale

Upholstered products can be wiped with damp cloth, vacuumed and dry cleaned.
It is not recommended to wash, wet clean, bleach and iron the products.
It is not recommended to place the product closer than 60 cm to the heat source and under direct sunlight.

If liquids come into contact with the product, wipe its surface as soon as possible to prevent moisture from infiltrating the material.

The appearance of slight pilling, creases and folds is acceptable during the use of upholstered products.

The coating of the goods can be damaged by careless use: it can be scratched, wrinkled or the paint can be chipped. Therefore, the service life depends on the operating conditions.

To avoid unnecessary damage to the lacquer coating, do not put hot objects (heated over 60°C), drop heavy objects with sharp edges and put objects made of rough materials on the surface of the table.

Wipe the surface with a damp microfiber cloth only and make sure it is dry.
Spilled liquids should be removed immediately.
Do not use solvents or household chemicals while cleaning.

Tables with MDF tops are not recommended for outdoor use.

All our furniture is shipped assembled, except tables from the SUPER series made of MDF or recycled plastic and items from the PROST series.

You can assemble the tables yourself using tools.

The items from the PROST series are based on a collapsible threaded structure, which is assembled without additional tools.

We wrap our products with polyethylene foam and stretch wrap. Individual boxes for products are currently under development.
Warranty period
The warranty for the furniture lasts for one year from receipt date. Only private customers may exchange or return quality goods within seven days from receipt date.
Exchange or return of damaged goods
If you received furniture with damage, please send us a photo or video evidence of it. If the detected defect is covered by warranty, we will replace the item for free or refund the money. Replacement period varies in every case and is calculated individually. Delivery expenses are covered by Delo.

Our company is not responsible for defects caused by transportation. However, we are happy to help you with filling a freight claim for damage refund.

In case there are separate damaged details that need to be replaced, you can order the new ones from Delo.

Exchange or return of quality goods
If you want to exchange or return a quality product after more than seven days from receipt date, please contact us via email.

We can discuss the replacement of purchased models by other Delo items of interest (manufacturing time is discussed individually) or refund the money after receiving the returned product.

Delivery expenses are covered by the customer.